Dream #267: Hunters Become the Prey

I was part of a team sent to represent the Lincoln chapter of PFLAG at a national convention in Arkansas. The convention was at a church, in a town where much of the industry that had kept it alive had dried up, leaving whole blocks deserted and streets in disrepair. The church was also a … Continue reading Dream #267: Hunters Become the Prey

Dream #77: Dream Girl in White Convertible

I was a teenager again, living on the farm. A girl my age named Laura came to live with us. She looked like my old college roommate, with pale skin and long, dark brown hair. Her sister had died a violent death and her brother had died of some degenerative disease. I didn’t know what … Continue reading Dream #77: Dream Girl in White Convertible

Dream #244: The Orange Slice and the Centipede

  I went to an old restaurant/antique shop with Todd and his son. (This kid was not one of my stepsons. He was about ten, with straight brown hair.) We climbed an accordion staircase up to a big, musty attic full of broken, dusty furniture. It was very hot, and we decided to leave without … Continue reading Dream #244: The Orange Slice and the Centipede