I don’t know how to tell y’all, but…only one more episode remains.

To all of you skywatchers who’ve chosen to spend a little of your valuable time with Doc, Doomsday, Kelley, and the rest of the gang, thank you SO much.

But the weirdness doesn’t end here. I’m hard at work on the sequel, in which Tori learns a great many things about her birthright, her father, the universe, and most importantly, her long-lost best friend Marissa. How does she deal with these revelations, many of them not so pleasant?

Well, you’ve seen how she deals with most problems. Let’s just say, her character arc is too large to be contained in one book…maybe even two…

In the meantime, please share this tale with your friends and anybody who likes flawed but valiant female characters…and giant serpents in the sky.


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